Here are the answers to some of the questions we're asked most. If you can't find the answer to your query below, feel free to get in touch.

What is meant by a 'full SOR basis'?

SOR stands for Sale or Return.

With non-seasonal (all-year) items, such as our Pocket Money range, any lines which you find are not selling well can be exchanged for other products to keep your margins at their maximum.

With our seasonal stands, a self-assembly floor stand unit will be delivered direct to your store at no upfront cost, complete with stock. Your local van sales representative will make regular visits throughout that particular season and you will be invoiced for any new stock that you purchase. At the end of the season we will collect your stand and any leftover stock, and you will only pay for what you have sold.

If you are a regular customer of our van sales operation then you are eligible to receive our seasonal stands on a full SOR basis. However, if you are not a regular customer of our van sales operation, our seasonal units will be available to you on a firm sale basis.

How would I go about receiving a consultation?

To receive a consultation, it is as easy as calling our Head Office. We will arrange for a van representative in your local area to make a visit to your shop. During this consultation, they will assess the space you have available and assist you in making the best decision regarding which stand is most suitable for your store.

You can find information about our Head Office on the Our Network page of this site.

How easy is it to place an order for your stands?

To place an order, simply contact our Head Office by telephone or email and we will be more than happy to process your request.

What product options are available?

Your local van salesman will talk you through which stands are available to you, both seasonal and non-seasonal, and which ones are most suitable for your store.

Are your seasonal stands customisable?

Yes. If you are not happy with a particular item that has been delivered to you by your local van salesman and merchandised on your stand, you can request that it be replaced with another product.

Would I control my own stock and merchandising?

No. There is no need for you to worry about your stock or merchandising, as our van sales representatives are fully trained to carefully assess your needs and fully merchandise whichever stand is most suitable for your store.

If at any point your stand is looking empty, a simple phone call to your van salesman or our Head Office is all you need to do to receive a prompt refill.

What level of expertise and assistance do you provide?

We offer expert advice and assistance in relation to merchandising your stock, as well as having a number of van sales representatives in your area who can stop by to give you advice if needed.

All of our offices are open Monday to Friday, and we endeavour to get you through to someone who can assist you on the same day your problem arises.

We aim to resolve any and all issues that arise in a timely manner to ensure that you can go straight back to selling your stock and making money.

I have placed an order. When can I expect it to be delivered?

Our van salesmen carry stock with them at all times that relate to the current season, whether this be Halloween, Christmas or any other period. This helps guarantee your sales by keeping you topped up on all the latest products that we may have to offer.